P15_undersail_leftwardPrecision 15

The Precision 15 was designed to provide safety, stability, reliable handling, and sprightly speed under sail. She will shorthand beautifully under her large main alone; even better with her high-aspect jib hoisted. Her centerboard with NACA foil sections gives her the utmost hydrodynamic efficiency upwind. The Precision 15 features an unusually broad beam, substantial freeboard and high-volume coamings to help prevent swamping or capsizing.

  • Precision Boat Works
  • Precision 15
  • 15′ 0″


p165boatpix01Precision 165

Precision has focused on developing the 165’s most vital “fun features” while trimming away anything not truly essential. Her cockpit is drawn large and deep for comfort and security, but her freeboard is kept low for reduced weight and cost. Her interior features comfortable berth space for two, a portable but cleverly concealed head, an ice chest and dry storage.


  • Precision Boat Works
  • Precision 165
  • 16′ 5″


p-18boatpix01Precision 18

People go sailing because it is fun, pure and simple. The problem for today’s sailors is that a combination of high interest rates and increasingly scarce mooring and marina space have in many instances made boat ownership a lot less simple, and its fun a lot less pure! The Precision 18 has been kept small in size and price, but remains big in both feathers and performance. She promises to deliver the fun, pure and simple!


  • Precision Boat Works
  • Precision 18
  • 17′ 5″


p185boatpix01Precision 185

The new PRECISION 185, offers the joy of small boat sailing in its purest, simplest form. The P-15 design focused on stability, safety, lively performance and reliable handling, and she has been a huge success. The new PRECISION 185 expands on the broad appeal of her smaller sister by adding an extra dose of acceleration and speed to her performance profile.


  • Precision Boat Works
  • Precision 185
  • 18′ 5″


P-21_sepiareflection2Precision 21

The Precision 18 is one of the simplest and most affordable trailerables that can be practically cruised. This new design has been sized to fit right between her two sisters and is intended to appeal to sailors requiring neither the minimum cost of a mini, nor the extra space of a maxi-trailerable.


  • Precision Boat Works
  • Precision 21
  • 20′ 9″