Can I Sell My Boat On My Own?

Why not sell your boat on your own?

Because selling your boat on your own can be a time consuming hassle.

You’ll need to place ads on websites or print publications and this will take time and money. And if you are not listed with your broker, you will not be listed on Yachtworld, which is the Number 1 site for brokerage boat sales.

But you may get lucky and get some calls. Then you’ll get to spend time responding to the calls (or playing telephone tag), answering emails or checking for faxes. And you will want to ask yourself if you are the most qualified person to work with a potential buyer. Do you have the ability to weed out the “wanna bees” from the real qualified buyers who are ready willing and able to buy your boat? There are a lot of dreamers out there and we talk to them everyday.

And assume your luck holds out and you get an appointment to show your boat. Are you prepared to take the time to meet with a buyer and discuss the benefits of your boat and gain the buyer’s trust and confidence? Showings with serious buyers can last 1 to 2 hours for the first showing alone. Will you feel obligated to take them out for a ride on your boat? How much time will you be prepared to spend with these “Keel Kickers”?

And what about the “no shows”? It is well known that a significant percentage of buyers who schedule appointments just don’t show up. How much time are you prepared to spend running back and forth to your boat?

At Windswept Yacht Sales, we are professional yacht brokers. This is what we do. This is who we are. We know the game and we know the drill. We try to do what we are best at; finding potential buyers, showing boats and negotiating and conducting a sale.

Being present for survey and sea trial and avoiding all of the pitfalls that can surprise a seller is important and takes time and skill. The ability to have the trust of a buyer that results in not only receiving a purchase deposit to be held in our escrow account but also in receiving the balance of funds is often easier to reach when a seller and a buyer have an intermediary to work with. Giving the buyer confidence that his earnest money is protected and that ultimately he will get clear title at the close is often difficult to achieve when a buyer is working directly with a seller. And so, buyers often prefer to buy a boat from a seller when a broker is involved with the sale, giving the buyer an extra level of security throughout the course of the transaction. And once the sale is closed, you as the seller will have confidence that you will have clear funds in your account before you release your boat from your control, with all of the legal paperwork done and in accordance with all applicable laws.

We are professional boat brokers. This is what we do.

Let Windswept Yacht Sales take all the hassle of selling your boat off your hands and into ours so that you can get on with life!

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